Cropped Wedding Photo on LinkedIn Lands Man Job Interview

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TEMPE, AZ – Local 24-year-old Justin Jorgenstern awoke at 1:30 pm to a delightful surprise: An email from Morgan Lindley, asking Justin to come in for a job interview.

Ms. Lindley, a recruiter for a call center specializing in selling extended car warranties, gave her perspective on how Justin was chosen over the other potential candidates. “I’ve looked at tens of LinkedIn profiles. We’re talking, like, at least 15 minutes of research. Seeing a cropped wedding photograph on a LinkedIn profile tells me three things: One, he’s been to a wedding, so I know he surrounds himself with good people. Two, he’s wearing a tuxedo to the wedding, so he knows the appropriate dress code for an occasion. Three, he was courteous enough to crop the picture so I only see his body, and not the other groomsmen standing next to him. Well, I can still see their hands on his shoulders, but you get the idea.”

Justin also attributes his success to the summary on his LinkedIn profile: “A hard-working go-getter people-person in relentless pursuit of my dreams.”


Written by: Jordan Judkins


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