Comedian who just got the light is going to leave you guys with this


Oh, wow. What next, I dunno, what do you guys wanna talk about? 

Uh, is that the light? Okay. One minute? Cool.

Well. Ahem. Let’s see, do I have time to- no, not that one. Umm, do you guys wanna hear something clean or dirty? Dirty?

Oh man, I think we’re supposed to be clean on this show.


I mean, crap.

Shouldn’t have asked. Sorry, Larry, haha, please don’t ban me.

Uhhhh, oh, I know, this one’s short. I think you guys are gonna like it. You’ve all been a great crowd, by the way, hey, give it up for yourselves- yeah, coming out to see live comedy at 4 PM on a Tuesday in a warehouse, you guys are amazing!!

And give it up for the wait staff and bartenders real quick, they’re working hard, they’re taking care of you, they’re good people.

So I’m just gonna end on this, I just got fired from Office Depot – oh no, is that the flashing light? Has it seriously been a minute? Well, can I finish the bit? It’s really funny, I promise. No?

Guys, I’m sorry, that’s it for me, thank you so much and keep it going for your host, Eddie K, and please stop by and buy a t-shirt on your way out, they’re based on the joke I was gonna close on. Good night!!

By Nathan Charles 


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