Microsoft Edge Voted #1 Web Browser to Download Google Chrome

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SAN JOSE, CA – The results are in: Microsoft Edge was just voted the #1 web browser to download Google Chrome.

The top 25 web browsers were compared on accessibility of locating Google Chrome, speed at download Google Chrome, and overall ease of exiting after Google Chrome is downloaded. Microsoft Edge outperformed all its competitors.

“It’s seamless, really.” Said Michael Fitzpatrick of Tualatin, Oregon. “After it loads, you simply search ‘Chrome download’ or something, click on the link, and the Voila! You’re done!” “The only thing you need to watch out for is that Edge’s default search engine is Bing. You have to scroll past 3 pages of ads and irrelevant search results, but you’ll find what you want eventually.”

At the time of the interview, Mr. Fitzpatrick could not give a demonstration of the process, as he had already uninstalled Microsoft Edge from his computer.


Written by: Jordan Judkins


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