Usher More Sexually Desirable Than Ever After Paying Woman $1.1Million in Settlement For Giving Her Herpes

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“I would take herpes with a side of chlamydia for half as much in settlement.” -Everyone with a student loan. read more

Cropped Wedding Photo on LinkedIn Lands Man Job Interview

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TEMPE, AZ – Local 24-year-old Justin Jorgenstern awoke at 1:30 pm to a delightful surprise: An email from Morgan Lindley, asking Justin to come in for a job interview. read more

Photographer Paid In “Exposure” Taking Too Long To Upload Photos

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Photographer Austin Smith was recently given a “great opportunity” at “career-changing” EXPOSURE read more

Apple Hires Revolutionary CEO With No Inborn Passion For The Industry

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Apple’s new CEO has no enthusiasm for apple products or technology.