New Delhi Dating App Rivals Tinder, Forces Matches

INDIA—Coming out of India this week a new app called ‘Forcer’ is taking the online dating market by storm.  In what seems like an endless run of modern dating tools, companies are finding it harder than ever to differentiate themselves from the competition; Forcer does just that by arranging matches for its users and automatically entering them into binding marriage agreements.  Dating just got a whole lot easier.

After matching, users are contractually obligated to marry one another.  Breaking said engagement is punishable by a fine of 100,000 Rupees and a two-month prison sentence. No cold feet here!

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Further, empirical studies show that “fear of rejection” is the number one cause of stress in human dating behavior. But fear not, “With Forcer, we change all that,” says Aapu Vaneesh, the startup’s Chief Software Developer. “There’s no chance of rejection.  Our algorithm was designed to bypass any and all personal shortcomings.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve never dated before, suffer from depression, or are unemployed because of your criminal track record –you can still find a spouse.”

Forcer’s simple interface does not require users to enter any information at all.  In fact, uploading pictures, indicating personal interests, and posting Taylor Swift song lyrics is forbidden. “We wanted to expedite the daunting task of having to develop a physical and in some instances emotional connection with another human being before deciding to get married; a problem plaguing today’s youth,” says Forcer’s CEO, Ravi Seemakurti. “The goal was to make the entire process as hands-off as possible.  That is of course, until your wedding night.”

The app can be downloaded for free. But for an additional $1.99 a month users can allow their parents to communicate with the father or mother of their match.  This parental add-on feature, known as “Hover” puts the relationship in the hands of parents, significantly reducing the need for communication between couples.

“In summary,” Ravi explained, “We simplify a smorgasbord of dating options by picking your partner for you.”

Forcer is currently supported by Apple iOS, Android, and traditional Indian parents everywhere.

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