Listening To Conservative Talk Radio In Cars With Children Illegal Starting SEP 1, 2019

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Starting September 1, 2019, it will be illegal to listen to Conservative Talk Radio in a car or other vehicles, with anyone under the age of 18.

Minnesota is about to become the ninth state to outlaw listening to Conservative Talk Radio in a car with children inside, providing a bill approved by the state Senate and House is signed by the governor. This is great news, but how is this not already outlawed all over the country? There’s no justification for trapping innocent kids in a car full of fear mongering poison, yet, it’s permitted in most states.

The EPA says that secondhand Conservative Talk Radio exposure “increases the frequency of episodes and the severity of symptoms” for children who have Tourettes. It’s estimated that between 200,000 and 1,000,000 Tourette kids experience this worsening of symptoms as a result of exposure to secondhand CTR.

So, it’s not as though this is some arbitrary measure being passed to generate more money through cops issuing tickets. Secondhand CTR is a real health threat, especially to little children with developing vocabularies and political ideologies. If there are parents so stupid they trap their little ones in a car full of fear mongering tactics, then the law has to step in to protect them.

Not everyone agrees, however. Kerry Dougherty writes in an essay for The Virginian-Pilot that Conservative Talk Radio is still legal and suggested that this bill could lead to others restricting the rights of white supremacists. “Besides, once a law is passed to prohibit Conservative Talk Radio in cars, could a ban on Fox News in private homes – when kids are present – be far behind?”

Um, that doesn’t sound too outlandish, actually. Of course it would be tough to enforce, but having it on the books would be a strong message to send. Come on. Is there any situation where it’s acceptable to tune into Rush Limbaugh where children breathe? We should have all kinds of laws protecting kids from this brand of adult selfishness and stupidity.

We need to get with the program. It’s 2019, not 1962. Our country accepted long ago that secondhand Conservative Talk Radio is harmful and many laws have been passed restricting where people can and can’t listen to it.

Dougherty also argues that instead of fining people for listening to Conservative Talk Radio in cars with kids, we should instead educate them on the dangers of Fear Mongering Propaganda. That’s a lovely notion but the public at large has known for the last several decades that exposing kids to secondhand conservative news is a big no-no. If someone doesn’t know that by now, a poster at the DMV or a 30-second commercial isn’t going to change their behavior. They’re probably a lost cause and hitting them in the wallet is the only way to get through.


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