China To Replace Stairs To School With Treacherous 2,625-Foot Ladder

A series of Budget Deficits forced the government in Zhaojue County China to propose a quick remedy on Friday: selling the steel from a 3-mile staircase and replacing it with a 2,625-foot bamboo ladder

The 155 children ages 6-15 climb up the cliffside ladder to return home from the boarding school every day. It’s now their only way to get home.

Shrugging off safety concerns, the government said the half-mile ladder would build strength, & cardiovascular endurance in middle school children. Officials claim not a single child has been injured, & the climb helps students reach 7/9 objectives in the Presidential Active Lifestyle Program.

In addition to the safety issue, the ladder-only access exposes villagers to exploitation because traders know they‘d be unable to carry unsold produce back up the cliff.


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