Harry Potter Star Uses Millions to Help Kids Get Type 2 Diabetes


Although Rupert Grint’s operation started out as self financed, he now receives funding  from sponsors such as pharmaceuticals who supply type 2 diabetes treatments, insulin vendors, and leg amputee surgeons.

When asked why he does it Rupert claims he wants to raise awareness about the severity of Diabetes “What better way to raise awareness about something than giving it to the people at 0 cost”

Lawmakers have ignored legislature that would improve the quality of diabetes treatment. Grint plans to change that by giving the disease to their children.

Outraged wealthy businessmen protest Grint’s “18 and under policy”

Outraged wealthy businessmen protest Grint giving Type-2 Diabetes to their children

“It all starts with the future generation. When someone’s grandma passes out because of low blood sugar ‘she’s old’ but when someone’s kid does it parent’s push for better quality treatments.

My dream is to eradicate Type 2 diabetes from existence, but first I must give it to every child in the world.

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