Kid Chokes On Bone in Vegan Ice Cream At Ben & Jerry’s

Ben and Jerry’s on Excelsior Boulevard, Minneapolis became the first Ice cream shop in the nation to release vegan flavors 11am, Feb 28th. But already, things aren’t going so well for the business.

Madeline Fleming, a data systems analyst and mother of 2, brought her family to the grand opening because she was ecstatic to have a vegan ice cream choice for her husband. But things took a dark turn quickly when Fleming noticed her three-year-old daughter was choking. “I saw her turning blue and I immediately gave her the Heimlich maneuver. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what popped out of her throat.” It turns out her little daughter Sami-Dee was choking on a sharp BONE.

Andy Erikson, a spokesperson for Ben & Jerry’s, told reporters “It’s very uncommon for bones to end up in the Silken Tofu that becomes our dairy substitute. We may occasionally have a choking incident, but we place warning labels on all of our products”

“Food safety and quality are exceptionally important to us and we have quality control checks in place, at every stage in our supply chain,” Erikson said. “Unfortunately some bone can remain undetected, on rare occasions, despite going through a thorough process.”

Despite receiving two $8 food vouchers, Fleming insists more warnings should be given about possible bones in the dairy substitute products sold at Ben & Jerry’s.

Emergency room doctors diagnosed Fleming’s daughter with pharyngitis after the incident and prescribed her medication, but said she may still feel the effects of the bone for another day or two. Fleming said she has been in contact with an attorney and is considering legal action.

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3 Year old Sami-Dee holding her 2 $8 voucher coupons


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