“Comedian” Who Never Plans To Leave MN Pushes Back His “Big Move” To LA Yet Again

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Self proclaimed comedian Alex Collyard is pushing back his big move to LA from JUN 17th to SEP 02 2017, due to a “few things he still needs to sort out.” Alex estimates three months will be sufficient to sort out a few things… Although a few more things may come up requiring him to push back the date into early 2018.

This isn’t the first time Alex has pushed back moving. The “comedian” started telling people he was going to leave in early 2009. “I’m going to be big, like the next Emo Phillips. MN is never going to give me the same opportunities I’ll get in LA.”

“I don’t think I’ll get any bigger in Minnesota,” says Alex who’s performed at a total of 17 open mics and has only been paid $33 to do 7 minutes at his mom’s birthday party.

Alex admits he never actually plans to leave Minnesota.

“The amount of appreciation and support people give me when they find out I’m leaving is amazing. Yesterday people at the open mic dedicated a minute of their set to say how much I’ve brightened their lives and that they’re going to miss me.

 I’m going to milk Minnesota’s comedy scene for all the supportiveness and last minute guest spots it’s worth.”


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