Eau Claire’s Growing Comedy Scene Welcomes Its 6th Member

Eau Claire, WI -Is proud to welcome its 6th member raising the total number of comedians by 20%.

Though smaller than your average, run-of-the-mill metropolitan, Eau Claire is well known for its above average performing arts scene. From local garage bands to High School plays, Eau Claire has it all. Before you even get to the stand-up comedy scene.

In most towns outside of the huge metropolis’, you’ll get a lackluster comedy scene at best. Sure, a flower can bloom in any field, but it’s more likely if that field isn’t covered in poison. Which is what makes Eau Claire such an interesting place to be a performer. You get the highs, the lows and the sobering middles of the crazy city life, but without all the risk, exposure or open sewer drains of the big city. One day you’re participating in a tractor pull with your cousin-wife and the next you’re on a stage pretending to be a gay liberal snob telling people how they should feel about what other people feel about abortion.

Some would say the Eau Claire life is hypocritical but those people don’t know. The duality of existence is only seen as a lie by those that are being untrue to themselves. You don’t have one static personality, your personality is a thing that flows, changes with the tide. Don’t pigeonhole yourself as one person. You’re better than that. Smarter than that. You’re an Eau Claire comedian, damn it, you know the futility of life better than most. You’ve seen the abyss and it’s seen you and neither of you were particularly impressed.

What was I supposed to be doing here? Oh, right. Gotta introduce the new guy.

What’s your name, new guy? Stinky Pete? Well Stinky, I think you’ll fit in just fine.


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