Singer Adele Asks Fan to Stop Filming Her With Iphone Vertically In Concert

Note to self: Don’t try filming Adele vertically at her concert.
The pop superstar took a moment during a show Sunday in Verona, Italy, to call out a fan who had an I Phone in the portrait position.

“Stop Filming me Vertically!

It’s going to look really bad when you post the video.

Could you turn the phone sideways?

Take the extra second to turn it sideways, and use two hands, you’ll capture loads more resolution

I’m going to look really small and no one will see my face as good

Human eyes are designed to view the world in widescreen.

The thick black bars on both sides of the video are super annoying!

There are a lot of people who didn’t pay to be here that’re going to have to watch that!!!!”



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