Microsoft Edge Voted #1 Web Browser to Download Google Chrome

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SAN JOSE, CA – The results are in: Microsoft Edge was just voted the #1 web browser to download Google Chrome.
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Photographer Paid In “Exposure” Taking Too Long To Upload Photos

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Photographer Austin Smith was recently given a “great opportunity” at “career-changing” EXPOSURE read more

Apple Hires Revolutionary CEO With No Inborn Passion For The Industry

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Apple’s new CEO has no enthusiasm for apple products or technology.

Upcoming iPhone 7 Will Not Feature Anticipated 24hr Lasting Battery

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The iPhone 7 just got a lot less impressive

Reports from Apple confirmed today iPhone 7 model’s highly-anticipated 24hr lasting battery, has been cancelled due to “immature” technology. It was expected and believed that the Plus-sized variant of the upcoming

Edward Snowden Leaks Location of Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

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Former CIA employee, & contractor for the United States government, Edward Snowden leaked the location of Mewtwo, the most sought after Pokemon.
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Upcoming Iphone 7 Will feature 22 New Undeletable Apps

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Reports from Apple confirmed today iPhone 7 will feature 22 new undeletable apps. read more

Hillary Clinton Criticized For Being Abducted by Mothership Worth $19-Trillion During Speech on Inequality

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Hilary Clinton has come under fire for being abducted by her $19,002,111,230,332 mothership during a speech about inequality. read more

Stephen Hawking Calls Trump A ‘Demagogue’ Google Search of Term Reaches All Time High

trump demagogue,Physicist Stephen Hawking bewildered by Trump, to Stephen Hawking’s comment, explainer of cosmic mysteries, political ascendance , unexplainable trump president, Stephen Hawking Calls Trump a ‘Demagogue’ Google search of term reaches all time high. record google search, google analytics trends, hillary clinton, tea party, best satirical news articles of all time, funniest satire humor, jokes, believable articles that aren't true, nottheonion, the onion, best 2016 memes, this week, this month, bernie sanders, ted cruz,
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Stephen Hawking, the great explainer of cosmic mysteries, when asked to explain the political ascendance of Donald J. Trump, he said simply, “I can’t.” read more

China To Replace Stairs To School With Treacherous 2,625-Foot Ladder

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A series of Budget Deficits forced the government in Zhaojue County China to propose a quick remedy on Friday: selling the steel from a 3-mile staircase and replacing it with a 2,625-foot bamboo ladder read more

New Delhi Dating App Rivals Tinder, Forces Matches

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INDIA—Coming out of India this week a new app called ‘Forcer’ is taking the online dating market by storm.  In what seems like an endless run of modern dating tools, companies are finding it harder than ever to differentiate