“Comedian” Who Never Plans To Leave MN Pushes Back His “Big Move” To LA Yet Again

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Self proclaimed comedian Alex Collyard is pushing back his big move to LA from JUN 17th to SEP 02 2017, due to a “few things he still needs to sort out.” Alex estimates three months will be sufficient to sort

Comedian’s Biggest Source of Income is Selling Weed to Other Comics

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I remember it like it was yesterday. In reality it was 13 years ago. I didn’t realize it then, but my days as an upstanding, stable member of society who’s job it was to sell weed to the weedless, and

Eau Claire’s Growing Comedy Scene Welcomes Its 6th Member

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Eau Claire, WI -Is proud to welcome its 6th member raising the total number of comedians by 20%. read more

Silent Crowd Members Asked To Leave After Refusing To Laugh During Comedy Show

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“I paid $9 to be here, not $9 to laugh here!”