MN Religious Leaders Organize Mass Burning Of ‘Satanic’ Comedy Album

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Thousands of Robert Baril’s Controversial Comedy Albums “Sex and Politics” are planned to be burnt burnt on a bonfire near The Plus in Eau Claire Wisconsin, by people accusing the local comedian of being the devil.

The album allegedly bashes Moms, God, Fetuses and Donald Trump and encourages pre-marital sex

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Baril’s albums will be burnt alongside other items considered to be the work of the devil, including horror books by Stephen King, Ouija boards and AC/DC records.

The Congregation of the Christ Community Church in South Minneapolis heard an Anti-Robert Baril Sermon in which Pastor Jeremy Vanderkhunt, claimed the Comedian taught children to take up sex.

“Behind that innocent face is the power of satanic darkness,” he said. “Robert Baril is the devil and he is corrupting the minds of our youth.”

The Innocent Face of Robert Baril

Controversial Comedian Robert Baril

The controversy behind “Sex and Politics” has lead to over 4,000 Pre-orders on I-Tunes making it the top selling US comedy album of July 2017.

The CD burning will take place outside of Robert Baril’s CD Release Album Recording in Eau Claire Wisconsin

Organized by christian church Minister Jeremy Vanderkhunt,.

Take a look at the Facebook Event Page for more details.

If you don’t already have the album, you can pre-order it here:

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