Iowa Farmers Stocking Up On No Trespassing Signs To Prepare For Large Scale Corn Theft

Ace Hardware Stores have been seeing record attendance as Iowa farmers stocked up on no trespassing signs this week to prepare for a large scale corn theft.

After the Facebook event 

Sneak into Iowa at midnight and steal all their corn

went viral, Iowan farmers are becoming concerned that people will follow through.

Agricultural theft isn’t new, but it seems to be growing, as is the frustration among farmers

Meadow Ledge Farm owner Ernie Roberts recounts an incident this week “They put (bushels) in the stroller. Covered it up with a tarp, and come walking right by us. That’s stealing.”

“Grandma, grandpa, kids, aunts, uncles, probably a dozen of them,” Roberts said. “They were very organized and it’s not even the 27th.”

Based on the 18k people who RSVPed to the event the FDA estimates $140,000 worth of corn will be stolen. 

Iowa’s farmers hope to curb that number by setting up additional “No Tresspassing” signs on their property. 

“If people know they’re not supposed to trespass there’s a big chance they won’t” Said Iowa Farm Association representative Kurt Wegner.

“A big reason these large scale thefts happen is people think farmland is public property.”

“When a burglar sees a “private property sign” they realize they’ve made a mistake and move on.”


The Local Farm Bureau  created has set up an Event to aid Iowa Farmers!

RSVP HERE to raise awareness!




Misha Estrin

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