Linkin Park Die Hard Fan Deletes Bad Review of The Song “Heavy”

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Linkin Park’s latest song “Heavy” received a harsh backlash from fans. read more

“Comedian” Who Never Plans To Leave MN Pushes Back His “Big Move” To LA Yet Again

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Self proclaimed comedian Alex Collyard is pushing back his big move to LA from JUN 17th to SEP 02 2017, due to a “few things he still needs to sort out.” Alex estimates three months will be sufficient to sort

Healthcare Bill Would’ve Survived If It Had Health Insurance

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Paul Ryan’s healthcare bill had stomach pains all morning. The bill was uninsured so when it arrived at the emergency room to seek treatment, it was sent home and told to take ibuprofen. read more

Unemployed Man Who Wakes Up At 1pm Every Day Upset That Sun Now Sets At 5:30

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Unemployed man Misha Estrin who stays up until 5am every morning watching Frazier re-runs is troubled that the sun now sets at 5:30.

Photographer Paid In “Exposure” Taking Too Long To Upload Photos

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Photographer Austin Smith was recently given a “great opportunity” at “career-changing” EXPOSURE read more

Apple Hires Revolutionary CEO With No Inborn Passion For The Industry

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Apple’s new CEO has no enthusiasm for apple products or technology.

Singer Adele Asks Fan to Stop Filming Her With Iphone Vertically In Concert

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Note to self: Don’t try filming Adele vertically at her concert.
The pop superstar took a moment during a show Sunday in Verona, Italy, to call out a fan who had an I Phone in the portrait position. read more

Upcoming iPhone 7 Will Not Feature Anticipated 24hr Lasting Battery

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The iPhone 7 just got a lot less impressive

Reports from Apple confirmed today iPhone 7 model’s highly-anticipated 24hr lasting battery, has been cancelled due to “immature” technology. It was expected and believed that the Plus-sized variant of the upcoming

Upcoming Iphone 7 Will feature 22 New Undeletable Apps

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Reports from Apple confirmed today iPhone 7 will feature 22 new undeletable apps. read more

Stephen Hawking Claims There’s No Value in Studying The TV Show Seinfeld

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Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking sees “absolutely no value” in studying the TV show Seinfeld because  “Twentieth-century Sitcoms” couldn’t have possibly foreseen the culture and technology of today. read more